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Item Information
Folded Paper Furoshiki by Lucinda Newton Dunn.

-Designers words-
This design is based on the Japanese tradition of origami.
Continuing with the theme of folding and wrapping, this design depicting a folded piece of paper, explores three dimensionality through line and pattern. At first glance, a quarter of folded furoshiki appears to be decorated with nothing more than bold stripes, but viewed as a whole, it transforms into an intricate and three-dimensional trompe l'oeil.
Furoshiki generally and traditionally used for wrapping and carrying things, this unique and stylish design cloth can be used for so many ways such as table cloth, picnic mat, scarf, or as a carrying bag using simple furoshiki folding techniques (also you can watch it here on youtube).

Handmade in Japan, using Japanese traditional printing techniques.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - LINK x Lucinda Newton-Dunn {Folded Paper} BLUE

Weight: 120g
Measurements:90 x 90 cm (35.5 x 35.5″)
Material:100% cotton satin (lighter weight, smooth cotton)
Shipping:US,Canada,Europe,Aus&NZ: US$5.70 by Standard Airmail (uninsured), other options available.
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