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Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth {Funny Faces}
Cute "Furoshiki" wrapping cloth designed by a Kyoto based Japanese stencil artist Mihoko Seki.

"Furoshiki" is a Japanese wrapping cloth that has traditionally been used for transporting gifts, clothes, grocery shopping, etc. Today, furoshiki is becoming very popular in Japan as "eco-friendly" material. Traditionally, "furoshiki" cloth is only to carry gifts and is not to give with a gift that is wrapped inside but to keep it and re-use endlessly. Made in Japan.

**shipping cost (Air Mail)
US,Canada,Europe,Aus&NZ: US$4.20 / Asia $4.00

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth {Funny Faces}

Weight: 70g
Measurements:Approx. 52 x 52cm
Material:Cotton 100%
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