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Masking Tape {Squirrel} Red Single
  • Masking Tape {Squirrel} Red Single
The new designer's masking tape series "Kita no Moyo-cho" (literally means "pattern book from the North") by a Hokkaido based designer Rieko Oka, who has won the mina perhonen design award(!), have arrived!
This design called "Squirrels' Forest" (Risu no Mori) would be excellent for the coming festive season!
Single Roll. Made in Japan.

**shipping cost (Air Mail)
US,Canada,Europe,Aus&NZ: US$4.20
/ Asia: $4.00

If you purchase with other items you might be able to save on the total shipping cost!
(You can purchase 4 single masking tapes for the same shipping cost as buying just one.)

Masking Tape {Squirrel} Red Single

Weight: 25g
Measurements:15 mm wide x 15 m long
Material:Washi Paper


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