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Pleated Eco-Bag {Lilac} LARGE
  • Pleated Eco-Bag {Lilac} LARGE
This cute bag is made of bio-degradable corn-base poly-lactic acid fabrics which decompose safely into the earth.
The bag is so light in weight yet strong, easy to carry, returns naturally to its original slim shape without any wrinkles when it is emptied.
This beautiful product is manufactured in Hokuriku, Northwestern region of Japan, with its people's hands, thoughts and technologies such as yarn processing, weaving, dyeing, sewing, and pleating, all combined together. Made in Japan.
*Lord-resistant: 15kg *Small size of the same colour is available.

**shipping cost (Standard Intl. Air Mail)
US,Canada,Europe,Aus&NZ: US$5.70 / Asia: $4.50

Pleated Eco-Bag {Lilac} LARGE

Weight: 140g
Measurements:[LARGE] 55 x H75 cm *Lord-resistant: 15kg
Material:corn-based poly-lactic acid fabric
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