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The beautiful Yuzen-dyed Shirayuki towels comes from Nara, an ancient capital city of Japan near Kyoto, are made of a fabric that was once woven into mosquito nets called "kaya". These cloths are very soft, durable and absorbent and are perfect for using as dish cloths and wash/hand towels. Over time, the cloths become really soft and supple, and eventually they make great rags. The starch needs to be washed off before the first use.

**shipping cost (Air Mail)
US,Canada,Europe,Aus&NZ: US$4.20 (1 towel = $4.20, 2-3 towels = $5.70, 4-5 towels = $8.10)

Shirayuki Towel Yuzen Dyed {Sunflower Beige}

Weight: 50g
Colour:Sunflower Beige
Measurements:30cm x 40cm (11.81" x 15.74")
Material:Cotton / Rayon

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